ePower Queen's Centre for Energy and Power Electronics Research
ePower Queen's Centre for Energy and Power Electronics Research


Postdoctoral Fellows
Year Name Area of Work *Supervisor
2018 Joanne Hui Optimal Power Extraction and Energy Management Algorithms PJ/AB
2016 Suzan Eren Interface Power Converters for Renewable Energy PJ/AB
2014 Majid Pahlevaninezhad High Frequency Link Bidirectional Converters PJ 
  John Lam Current Fed Inverters for Electronic Ballast PJ
2013 Shangzhi Pan Digital Control of PV Inverters PJ
2011 Pritam Das Power Converters for Data Centres PJ
  Masoud Ghartemani Control of Inverter Systems AB/PJ
  Dong Wang High Efficiency Isolated DC-DC Conversion and Digital Control YFL
  Davood Yazdani Wind Energy Systems PJ/AB
2010 Hamid Karshenas Power Electronics Application in Distributed Generation PJ/AB
2009 Mei Qiu High Frequency Distributino PJ
2007 Ping Lin High Switching Frequency Converters YFL
  Amr Elnady Power Quality Control AB
  Karim Shaarbafi Power Converters, Modeling and Implementation AB
2006 Mohamed Youssef Resonant Converters PJ
2008 Mohammed Agamy Resonant Converters PJ
  Osama Bayoumy Electric Drives  PJ/AB
2006 Zhongming Ye  High Frequency Distribution  PJ/PCS

* AB=Dr. Alireza Bakhshai; SE=Dr. Suzan Eren; PJ=Dr. Praveen Jain; YFL=Dr. Yan-Fei Liu; PCS=Dr. P.C. Sen

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Year Name Thesis Title *Supervisor
2017 Hossein Mousavian MHz Resonant DC-DC Converters with First Cycle Control AB/PJ
2016 Ali Moallem An Islanding Detection Method based on Impedance Estimation and Grid Identification for Grid-Tie Distributed Power Generation Systems PJ/AB
2015 Hamid Danesh-Pajooh-Nejad Bidirectional DC-DC Converters for Aerospace Application PJ/AB
  Alireza Safaee A Bidirectional Resonant Converter for Aerospace Applications AB/PJ
  Sima Seidi Khorramabadi Adaptive Critic-based Control of Voltage Source Converters in Microgrid Systems AB
2014 Zhiyuan Hui Digital Control for High Switching Frequency Converters YFL/PCS
  Joanne Hui Slope-Assist Maximum Power Point Tracking and Power Limit Search for Intelligent Power Management of Small Wind Energy Systems AB/PJ
2013 Suzan Eren Control of a Single-Phase Grid-Connected Voltage Source Inverter with LCL Filter AB/PJ
2012 Djilali Hamza Electromagnetic Interference Mitigation in Switched Mode Power Converters Using Digital Sampling Techniques PJ
  Majid Pahlevaninezhad Power Converters for Electric Vehicles AB/PJ
  Darryl Tschirhart Efficient Control of the Series Resonant Converter for High Frequency Operation PJ
2010 Wennan Guo Digital Control of Voltage Regulators for Fast Transient Response in Computer Applications PJ
  Sayed Ali Khajehoddin Resonant Micro-Inverters for Single-Phase Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems AB/PJ
  John C.W. Lam A Dimmable High Power Factor Electronic Ballast for Compact Fluorescent Lamp PJ
  Eric Meyer New Technologies to Improve the Transient Response of Buck Converters YFL
2009 Davood Yazdani A New Power Signal Processor for Converter-Interfaced Distributed Generation Systems AB/GJ
  Zhiliang Zhang High Efficiency High Switching Frequency Technologies YFL/PCS
2008 Mohammed S. Agamy Single Stage Power Factor Corrected Three-Level Resonant Converters PJ
  Eberle Wilson MOSFET Current Source Gate Drivers, Switching Loss Modeling and Frequency Dithering Control for MHZ Switching Frequency for DC-DC Converters YFL/PCS
  Shangzhi Pan High Performance Digital Control Techniques for Powering Microprocessors PJ
  Sheng Ye Novel Full Bridge Topologies for VRM Applications YFL
2006 Zhongming Ye Topology and Control of High Frequency Resonant Inverter Systems PJ/PCS
  Mohamed Youssef Control and Modeling of High Frequency Resonant DC/DC Converters for Powering the Next Generation Microprocessors PJ
2005 Guang Feng New Digital Control Algorithms for High Performance DC-to-DC YFL
  Wanfeng Zhang New Control Strategies for AC-DC Converter with Power Factor Correction YFL/BW

* AB=Dr. Alireza Bakhshai; SE=Dr. Suzan Eren; PJ=Dr. Praveen Jain; YFL=Dr. Yan-Fei Liu; PCS=Dr. P.C. Sen; GJ=Dr. Geza Joos (McGill); BW=Dr. Bin Wu (Ryerson)

Year Name Thesis Title *Supervisor
2018 Mahmoud Nouri A Novel Actuator for High-Torque Low-Speed Applications AB/YFL/KHZ
  Tansha Anand Steady-State Time-Domain Analysis of LLCL Resonant Converter PJ
  Robert McKay Asynchronous Complementary Dual Channel Current Source Gate Driver for Synchronous Buck Converters PJ
2017 Khadijat Hassan Multiple Receiver Wireless Power Charger for Mobile Electronic Devices in Near Field PJ
  Cong Wang A New DC UPS for DC Power Distribution System in Data Center PJ
2016 Somayeh Abnavi High Frequency Class DE Converter Using a Multilayer Coreless PCB Transformer AB/PJ
  Fereshteh Poloei A Novel Modeling and State of Charge Estimation Scheme for Lithium-Ion Batteries AB
  Bahador Mohammadpour Advanced Islanding Detection Methods for Single Phase Grid Connected PV Inverters PJ
  Iman Askarian Digital Geometric-Sequence Control Technique for Bi-Directional Dual Active Bridge DC-DC Converters Used in Future Electric Vehicles AB
  Snehal Bagawade Bidirectional AC-DC Converters using One Cycle Control (OCC) for Electric Vehicles PJ
  Sarah Burton Adaptive Resistance Control Solutions in an Assisted Coding Environment YFL
  Tianshu Liu Novel High Power Density Topologies and Control for the Point-of-Load (POL) Application YFL
2015 Sadaf Sadeghian Sorkhabi Microgrid Control Based on an Adaptive Notch Filter Power Processor  AB
  David Lackey Resonant Converter Design PJ
  Dmytro Liashenko A Nine-Switch UPQC with Variable-Band Hysteresis Control AB
  Brian White An Average Current Modulation method for Single Stage LED Drivers with High Power Factor and Zero Lo Frequency Current Ripple YFL
2014 Nabil Akel Control Techniques for a Single-Phase Bi-Directional Full-Bridge Active Rectifier for Vehicle-to-Grid and Grid-to-Vehicle Applications PJ
  Matthew Mascioli System Identification and Adaptive Control for Grid-Connected Single-Phase AC Inverters PJ
  Sepide Rafiei Application of Distributed Generation Sources for Micro-Grid Power Quality Enhancement AB
  Benyu Zou Active Damping of LCL Filter Resonance for a Single Phase Grid-Connected Distributed Power Generation System  AB
2013 Ting Hao Analysis and Design of High Power Factor LED Drivers without Electrolytic Capacitor PJ
  Marko Krstic An Optimized, Variable-Gain Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter PJ/AB
  Liang Jia Digital Control Techniques to Achieve Optimal Dynamic Performance for Power Converters YFL
  Jonathan Mash Advanced Nonlinear Control Techniques for Wind Energy Conversion Systems PJ
  Hao Zhang Evaluation of Different Control Strategies for Buck Converter YFL
2012 Andrew Dickson Digitally Controlled Energy Harvesting Power Management System YFL
  Vidisha Gupta Digital Control of Phase Staggered Multiple ZVS Inverters for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems PJ
  Mohammad Hassan Zahraee Transient Droop Control Strategy for Parallel Operation of Distributed Energy Resources in an Islanded Microgrid AB
  Kyle Ingraham A Local Power System Design with Minimum Transformer Capacity YFL
  Michal Kulesza Investigatin of a Novel Method of Capacitive Power Transfer AB
  Amish Servansingh A Parallel-Series Two Bridge DC/DC Converter for PV Power Conditioning Systems Used in Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems PJ
  Nikhil Sukesh Single Stage Grid-Connected Micro-Inverter for Photovoltaic Systems PJ/AB
2011 Liang Jia Digital Control Techniques to Achieve Optimal Dynamic Performance for Power Converters YFL
2010 Jizhen Fu Current Source MOSFET Drivers for Buck Converter YFL/PCS
2009 Suzan Eren Modifying the Three-Phase Synchronous Reference Frame Phase-Locked Loop to Remove Unbalance and Harmonic Errors AB
  Joanne Hui An Adaptive Control Algorithm for Maximum Power Point Tracking for Wind Energy Conversion Systems AB
2008 Kai Xu A Series-Parallel Resonant Topology and New Gate Drive Circuits for Low Voltage DC to DC Converter YFL/PCS
2007 John Lusney Novel Digital Controller for Multi Full-Bridge DC/DC Converter PJ
2006 Christine Hsu Power Line Communications Using OFDM with ODPC Codes GC/PJ
  John C.W. Lam A Current Source Resonant Inverter With Improved Valley Fill Circuit for High Power Factor Electronic Ballast Applications PJ
  Andrew Mason New ZVS-PSM-FB DC/DC Converters With Adaptive Energy Storage For Solid Fuel Cell Application PJ
  Darryl Tschirhart A CLL Resonant Asymmetrical-Pulse-Width-Modulated Converter with Reduced Conduction Loss PJ
2005 Yun Wang Lu Large Signal Modeling of Average Current Control PJ
  Zhihua Yang A New Half-Bridge Topology and New Gate Drive Circuits for Low Voltage CD-DC Converters YFL
2004 Yongtao Han Loss Characterization for Planar Transformer in High-Frequency Switching Mode Power Supply YFL
  Wayne Lu Large Signal Modeling and Analysis of Average Current Mode Control YFL
2003 Wilson Eberle Design, Analysis, Simulation and Modeling of a Soft-Switch Converter YFL
  Sheng Ye New EMI Filter Design Methods for DC-DC and AC-DC Switching YFL
2002 Alex Perry New Methods for the Analysis and Design of Fuzzy Logic Controller YFL

AB=Dr. Alireza Bakhshai; SE=Dr. Suzan Eren; KHZ=Dr. Keyvan Hashtrudi-Zaad; PJ=Dr. Praveen Jain; YFL=Dr. Yan-Fei Liu; PCS=Dr. P.C. Sen; GC=-Dr. W-Y Geoffrey Chan