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Accessibility Framework

The Comprehensive Strategic Framework for Accessibility allows the Accessibility Coordination Team to develop an Accessibility Plan that serves the university in the following ways:

  1. To develop plans to address accessibility in five priority areas.

  2. To establish shared accountability and responsibility for accessibility for persons with disabilities at Queen's, including funding accessibility-related expenses through standard operating budgets and identifying other sources of revenue streams.

  3. To provide educational opportunities about accessibility to improve understanding of accessibility issues and the university obligations in accessibility compliance.

  4. To continue efforts to incorporate accessibility in university diversity initiatives.

Five priority areas have been identified in which to assess compliance and through which to accomplish the outcomes stated above:

  1. Policy Advisory

  2. Information & Communication

  3. Employment

  4. Built Environment

  5. Education, Training & Awareness

Reporting Structure of Framework

Accessibility Framework

Accessibility Framework: A Complete Workflow

Accessibility Coordination Team

This Team will be responsible for the development of specific elements of the Accessibility Plan. The Equity Advisor will serve as the Coordinator to the Team.

It is anticipated that this Team will meet as often as necessary to provide a harmonized effort toward the development of a comprehensive and integrated Accessibility Plan.

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Operational Review Committee

This committee is accountable to the Vice-Principal's Operations Committee and is responsible for ensuring: institutional-wide considerations are discussed.

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