Equity Services

Equity Services
Equity Services

Education, Training and Awareness Working Group

Lead:  Rebecca Luce-Kapler, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research, Faculty of Education

Coordinator:  Heidi Penning, Equity Advisor, Equity Office

Secretary:  Jill Christie, Data Management and Administration, Equity Office


  • Jen Dutra, Alumna
  • Leela Viswanathan, Assistant Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning
  • Karen Burkett, Coordinator, Special Programs and Research, School of English
  • Sue Fostaty-Young, Educational Developer, Centre for Teaching and Learning
  • Craig Leroux, University Communications
  • Robin Moon, Group Manager, Electronic Communications
  • Kathleen Vollebregt, Director, University Marketing (or Designate)
  • Lisa Newton, Legal Counsel
  • Equity Commissioner, SGPS
  • Social Issues Commissioner, AMS

Requirements & Objectives

By When

Ensure that all staff, faculty, and appropriate student leaders receive training in accessible customer service. Records shall be kept. 429/07, s. 6



Provide accessibility awareness training to all educators related to accessible program or course delivery and instruction. 191/11, s. 16


Provide training on requirements of the accessibility standards referred to in this Regulation. 191/11, s. 7


Provide training on the Human Rights Code as it pertains to person with disabilities. 191/11, s. 7


Develop a Communication Strategy that promotes a barrier-free campus and provides multiple channels that allow for interaction and participation of persons with and without disabilities inclusive of students, staff, faculty, and the broader community (meets and exceeds our duty to consult persons with disabilities)

ASAP & ongoing