Senate Educational Equity Committee (SEEC)

The SEEC exists to promote, facilitate and support the achievement of institutional goals for educational equity as articulated in the University's Vision Statement and in the Values and Principles set out in the University's Strategic Plan. The SEEC was established in September 1998.

SEEC's mandate includes all matters related to policy for educational equity in the following areas:

Educational Access: recruitment, retention and graduation of students who have historically been under-represented, underserved and/or disadvantaged in University programs

Educational Context and Climate: provision and maintenance of a supportive and welcoming educational and learning environment for all students, faculty and staff of all social identities.

Educational Content and Practice: promotion of education and training for students, faculty and staff on educational equity issues as they relate to curriculum, pedagogy and the broader learning environment.

Educational Capacity: increasing the institution's capacity for educational equity through recruitment, hiring and retention of faculty, staff and administrators.

For more information please visit the  Senate Educational Equity Committee website.

Click to view the  Educational Equity Policy Statement approved by Senate.