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Equity Services
Equity Services

Employment Equity

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Employment Equity is a program designed to ensure that all individuals have a fair chance in the areas of recruitment, hiring, remuneration, promotion and training. It is a program that strives for:

  • A diverse workforce
  • Equitable and fair employment systems

Employment Equity is needed to remove systemic discrimination that has historically disadvantaged particular groups in the area of employment. These groups include Aboriginal people, people with disabilities, women and visible minorities/racialized groups. Systemic discrimination includes policies and practices that unintentionally exclude individuals for reasons that are not job-related; not related to ability; and not related to the safe operation of an organization.

The Equity Office provides a number of services related to Employment Equity, including equity training workshops, data analysis and reporting.

Employment Equity Framework?

Click here for more information regarding the Employment Equity Framework.

Employment Equity Action Plan 21/22 (PDF, 857KB)