Employment Equity Learning Community (EELC)

The EELC was created in 2021 with the objective of providing additional support and resources to those on campus that participate in hiring committees, especially in the capacity of Employment Equity Representative.

The EELC will meet three times per year (once per term) and each meeting will explore different topics relevant to the landscape of Employment Equity at the University and across the province. All Employment Equity Representatives will be invited to the event and time will be allocated to answer questions and foster conversation.

The EELC is chaired by Stephanie Simpson (AVP Human Rights, Equity, and Inclusion) and discuss issues related to legislation such as the Federal Contractors Program, data collection-related processes and equity intervention to address representation gaps. The EELC also support the work of the Faculty and Staff, Recruitment, Retention and Support (FSRRS) UCARE Sub-Council.

Interested individuals should email equity@queensu.ca for information on attending the meetings or for access to resources.


  • Meeting 1: Special Programs - February 01, 2021