Collecting and Using the Data FAQ

Some important factors you should know:

The information you provide will be used to determine the relationship between representation at Queen's and that of the Canadian Workforce. All employees are part of our workforce, whether or not you are in a designated group. Completing the form ensures that information on our workforce is complete and accurate.

The Equity Office will use this information to assess designated group representation in different occupational groups and levels, help departments and faculties set goals and monitor progress in reaching those goals.

Queen's is required to submit a progress report to the Federal Contractors Program. The Federal Contractors Program applies to all organizations with more than 100 employees who receive money from the Federal Government or bid on Federal contracts worth $1,000,000 or more. These institutions are required to maintain information on the representation of the four designated groups within their workforces in order to meet the compliance reviews conducted by the Labour Standards and Workplace Equity Division of Human Resources Development Canada.

All self-identification information will be used for statistical purposes:

  • to compile workforce representation figures for Queen's,
  • to prepare reports required by the Federal Contractors legislation, and
  • to develop and monitor Employment Equity programs at Queen's

No. You are responsible for completing a census form and thus self-identifying. Only you can identify yourself as an Aboriginal Person, a person in a visible minority group or a person with a disability. Neither your manager, your supervisor, your department head, your dean nor your colleagues are permitted to provide this information without your authorization.

Your self-identification information is confidential. It will be stored in the Equity Office Census Databank. In addition, all information is protected by a code of confidentiality which is included in this package.

Only the staff in the Equity Office has access to your census information.

In order to complete the census online you are required to have an netid. This ensures the security of the census information.

All people with disabilities, including those who have been accommodated in the workplace, are asked to self-identify. This is the only way that information on our workforce will be complete and accurate.

Employment Equity legislation permits employees to identify in more than one designated group. The census form includes definitions to help you accurately identify which group(s) you belong to under this legislation.

If you wish to update information about yourself, you should contact the Equity Office and complete a new form. You may also review and correct your own information at any time by contacting the Equity Office.