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Tools & Templates

To assist you with your development of experiential learning programs and curriculum, we are pleased to share templates and information pages for program planning and design phases. This section will continue to expand as we add more resources and receive feedback from Faculty partners. 

Program Planning & Logistics Phase
These two checklists are intended to help Queen’s Faculty evaluate their options and work through the logistics inherent in course or program design. These tools can act as a supplemental resource to course development procedures, and are meant to ensure that key logistical considerations are not overlooked during the initial planning stage.
Experiential Learning Design Phase

New resources will be added to this section based on feedback we receive.

Designing Reflection: Six Guidelines for Success is a helpful section if you're interested in learning more about how to encourage reflection.

The Experiential Learning Curriculum Design Template (205 KB) is intended to frame the design process and save you time.

Supporting Student Learning in the Classroom and the Workplace(361 KB) provides basic techniques to help students connect theory and practice.

Students in the Workplace: A Framework for Faculty and Partners(282 KB) provides strategies to promote a student's integration into a workplace experience.

Work Study Learning Reflection Form(291 KB) is an example of how to add an experiential learning component to an existing program (this was introduced to the Work Study program in Fall 2016.)

Resources for your Students

Reflection Guide for Interns(324 KB) is a tool that can be given to students who participate in work placements to help them reflect on their learning and development.

Intern Learning Plan (125KB) is a sample template that can be used or adapted by Faculty to frame student learning outcomes with employer partners.

Tip-Sheet: Preparing for One-on-One Meetings with your Supervisor(187 KB) is an example of how to help interns prepare for meetings with their supervisor.


Sample Reflection Tool(408 KB) is a sample reflection exercise and rubric borrowed from the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO).