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Network (noun)
A group of people who keep in contact with each other to exchange information.

Network (verb)
Keep in contact with other people to exchange information.

(Oxford Dictionary)

With the increase in technology usage, social media platforms and old fashioned magazines, there is a plethora of resources out there to help you network and get career advice, share your thoughts and just keep in touch. And don't forget opportunities on campus to network and learn more about job opportunities and how to prepare.

At Queen's and within the Kingston community, there are also groups looking for help whether that be a paid position or voluntary. This is your chance to not only get some work experience and networking opportunities but also support Queen's and the Kingston community.


Alumni Mentorship

Queen's Connects Career Network for Students and Alumni

This LinkedIn group is maintained by Queen’s University (Canada) for Queen’s students and alumni.  Designed to make a difference in the lives of students and graduates, this group facilitates conversations about career experiences and through the sharing of information about industries, fields, or roles.

Alumni members can provide insight, perspective and encouragement on career paths and options. Student members can ask questions in a secure and welcoming platform designed to facilitate interaction with alumni (e.g., asking about how to translate the value of experiences at Queen’s for specific types of work).

To find out more and how to join the group, go to the Career Services website, Queen's Connects LinkedIn webpage.

Looking for further opportunities to support graduate students?

The School of Graduate Studies is seeking volunteers to engage with current graduate students and recent grads virtually and in person on various topics that centre on career preparedness and opportunities. Ways to get involved include:

  • Attending the annual Career Week and being part of a panel on marketing your graduate skills and training for the job market
  • Being part of a panel on the lived experience (bridging your graduate studies experience with career success)
  • Speaking about your road to success (and the bumps along the way)
  • Participating as someone whose career path we profile on our website

Find out more about alumni volunteer opportunities.

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Queen's & Kingston host many conferences and other speaking opportunities. As we hear of any that may be relevant to you the graduate student, we list them on this page.​

Social Media

School of Graduate Studies Social Media

Queen's University Social Media

Queen's Student Alumni Association Social Media:

Council of Ontario Universities (COU)

LinkedIn Tip Sheets

Compliments of Career Services

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Kingston Networking Opportunities

Did you know that Kingston has numerous opportunities for graduate students to network via the many events held? Take a look at some of these groups.