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Projects 2019/20

We are in the process of finalizing project ideas for the upcoming cohort. Check back here as we are filling in more details!

City of Kingston

1. Community Housing Waitlist and Tenant Needs Study

This project builds on the "Supportive Housing Needs" study conducted by PhD-Community Initiative students in 2018/19 and will investigate the following questions: What are the needs of individuals currently waitlisted for community housing? How could they be supported until housing becomes available? What are the experiences of tenants housed with community housing providers? What are barriers to leaving community housing?

2. Community Physician Recruitment

The ability of Kingston residents to secure a family physician has become increasingly difficult over the past 5 years. Facing a growing number of unattached patients and steep competition from other communities, the City of Kingston is looking at ways to better understand, approach, and reverse the current physician shortage. This project offers two research opportunities:

a) Data Analysis

For a holistic understanding of the current family physician situation, we need a better, more thorough grasp of the available data. This will help us formulate a concrete recruitment and retention plan for the community. Some questions to consider are:

  • Number of unattached patients
  • Number of family physicians currently registered in Kingston
  • How many of them actively practice family medicine?
  • How many have full patient rosters / how many practice part-time?
  • How many family physicians are expected to retire in the next 5 years?
  • The team will be asked to compile, analyze, and synthesize the data and formulate recommendations based on their findings.

b) Attraction / Retention of New / Recent Grads

What does it take to attract and retain newly graduated doctors? Kingston is home to a prestigious medical school with a well-established family physician program yet the city is struggling to retain newly graduated doctors. We are looking to better understand the needs and expectations of new doctors coming out of Queen’s University so that we can better address their needs and boost retention.

Kingston Arts Council

What is the economic impact of the arts in Kingston? As part of its mission to serve the arts community in Kingston, the Kingston Arts Council advocates for the prioritization and funding of arts initiatives, organizations and professionals. This advocacy is challenging in the absence of hard data that demonstrates the important role of the arts in Kingston's economic health and development. The arts are a vital part of the cultural landscape of Kingston, helping to make it a more enriching place to live and study. The project team will work to define how the economic impact of the arts in Kingston can be determined and, if possible, conduct research and produce data that demonstrates this impact.

Museum of Health Care

The Museum of Health Care at Kingston is seeking help to answer the following question: How do we increase engagement of our current members, as well as foster growth of membership overall?

Cataraqui Conservation Foundation

The Cataraqui Conservation Foundation (CCF) is the local charity registered in 1965 to raise funds for recreational and educational uses of the lands of the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA).  The CRCA's legal mandate is watershed management from Bath to Brockville. The CCF and CRCA have separate websites and Facebook pages describing their activities. CCF funds support trail maintenance, educational programming for children and youth, and new land acquisitions. The nearest CRCA parks often used by Queen's students and staff are the Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area on Division St. and Lemoyne Point on Front Rd.
The Cataraqui Conservation Foundation is requesting support from the "PhD Initiative" with the following three proposals:

1) Geographic mapping of donors most likely to give large donations ($500+);
2) Support outreach and persuasive messaging to potential corporate donors.

Learn more about how the PhD-Community Initiative will work - The Game Plan Workshops & Meeting Times