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Expanding Horizons

Expanding Horizons

Professional Development

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Promoting Yourself

So how do we promote ourselves and our research?  The obvious answers are via presenting at Conferences and publishing articles. But there are many other ways to help promote yourself and what you do.

Participating in our 3 Minute Thesis Competition

3MT® is a university wide competition for Queen’s Masters (thesis or research project) and doctoral students in which participants present their research and its wider impact in 3 minutes or less to a panel of non-specialist judges.

Distilling research into a clear form, without over-simplifying or making overly-complex, and highlighting the wider implications of this research are important skills to carry into post-graduate employment and public service.

For full details and how to register go to our 3MT website!

Working with Queen's Media

Have you ever wondered how some of our students get called up by the media to voice their expert opinions on a particular topic? Queen's Communications has contacts with the media and often are requested to provide a name of someone who can talk on a topic. As graduate students, you too can be added to Queen’s Communications expert data base. In the summer, the School of Graduate Studies with the assistance of Queen's Communications will be putting on a media workshop for graduate and post-doctoral fellows. See the Expanding Horizons workshops schedule for details.

There are other ways to be noticed by the media: Some of our students have been put forward by their supervisors, others got noticed via the Queen’s 3 Minute Thesis competition.

Public Speaking

If you get a chance to practice speaking to different audiences whether that be in a formal setting such as a conference, or informal setting (eg with your peers over lunch or Toastmasters) then go for it.  Being able to articulate your research to a wide range of audiences is a great skill to have.  It will also help you answer those difficult questions come employment interview time.  Some examples to consider - Material Matters Graduate Discussion Group,  Ban Righ Centre Lunchtime discussions.

Grad Chat - graduate research on the air

A 30 minute radio show featuring one to two graduate students each week.  This is an opportunity for our grad students to showcase their research to the Queen's and Kingston community and how it affects us.  From time to time we will also interview a post-doc or an alum or interview grad students in relation to something topical for the day.

Grad Chat is a collaboration between the School of Graduate Studies and CFRC 101.9FM

For more details on the show and how to be involved go to the Grad Chat web page on the SGS website