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Expanding Horizons

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Friday October 13

Use LinkedIn to Find Great Work

When: 9:00am - 11:00am

Where: Gordon Hall, Career Services Room 324

Presenter: Julia Blackstock, (Career Services)


In July 2017, 56% of millennials reported in a LinkedIn survey, that they were introduced to a new job through a casual conversation. Using LinkedIn effectively in your job search could save you time, energy and money.  Come to this workshop to learn how to discover common career paths and unique opportunities that exist for you, learn how to start career-related conversations, and other important skills. Please bring a laptop to use during the workshop and have an existing LinkedIn Profile. For help creating a Profile from scratch, see LinkedIn Tipsheet 1 at www.careers.queensu.ca/LinkedIn.

Use the Alumni Tool to research the career paths of alumni from your discipline and explore options based on your unique interests
Prepare a career-related question for alumni in LinkedIn Queen’s Connects Career Network for Students and Alumni
Learn how to improve the impact of your Profile and how to design an effective job search strategy for yourself using LinkedIn tools

Presenter slides and tip sheets:

Presenter Bios

Julia BlackstockPanel - Dr Julia Blackstock

Julia has extensive expertise in using social media for the job search in a range of occupations and professions.  In addition to one-on-one career counselling, Julia presents workshops on a range of career-related topics.



Networking Skills

When: 8:30am - 4:00pm

Where: Gordon Hall, Career Services Room 302

Presenter: Mitacs

Registration: This workshop fills up fast and has limited space. To register for this workshop you must visit the Mitacs STEP website.You will still be credited for Expanding Horizons but only Mitacs can advise if you are in the workshop.


A good network is vital to career growth and can be your link to important new opportunities. However, getting started or knowing how to grow an existing network can be intimidating. This workshop will give you insights into how to establish and expand a stable network, both in-person and online. Each session is customized, with exercises reflecting the professional interests of participants and determined by the location of the event.

Workshop Objectives - Gain an understanding of the importance of a professional network to career health. Learn how to start a network, how to recognize and make the most of your existing network and how to grow your network successfully.     

Learning Outcomes - in this one day workshop you will learn to:

  • Plan and prepare for networking opportunities
  • Share contacts effectively
  • Refresh and build existing networks, both virtually and in-person
  • Make an impact on important contacts

Key Topic Areas

  • The Value of Your Network
  • Effective social media profiles
  • Transactional vs. engaged networking
  • Impactful connections: The art of conversation
  • The strength of weak ties
  • How to introduce others effectively
  • Assessing and building a network
  • Mapping and identifying existing networks
  • Networking opportunities in life and work
  • The importance and effective use of business cards
  • How to plan and prepare for networking opportunities
  • How to answer the “What do you do?” question
  • Follow through and follow up