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How to Register 

We ask that students and post-doctoral fellows sign up for each workshop they wish to attend.  If at the last minute you find you are indeed able to come to the workshop then that is fine, provided that there is space.  You will be asked, however, to sign up officially online after the session is over, so we can mark your attendance accordingly. You have until 10 am on the next day to sign up.

If you register and then are not able to come, please go back into the system and cancel. If workshop registration numbers are large, we will look for a bigger room, so knowing proper numbers makes this easier for us.

For workshops where there is a separate registration, such as Mitacs, QUIC, 4DASC, you will need to register directly with them (see details below).  Your participation in the workshop however is reliant on confirmation from them only.  We will be provided an attendance roster for all those confirmed and attended for our records.

As with any new system, we are endeavouring to find any issues early.  If at any stage you have difficulty registering, please contact Colette at the SGS office at steerc@queensu.ca   

Thank you for your help.

Registering for Mitacs workshops

Registration for Mitacs workshops:

  1. You must register via the Mitacs website and wait for confirmation of participation from them. Mitacs are the only ones to advise whether you can attend the workshop or not.

  2. You will not be able to sign up via our Expanding Horizons registration system. The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) will be provided a list from Mitacs of who has registered. The SGS will then add you to the Expanding Horizons system to allow us to mark attendance so we can credit you for the course.

  3. Likewise if you do one of the Mitacs Online STEP workshops, send details of that, so we can credit you accordingly.

QUIC Intercultural Competence Certificate

The Queen's University International Centre offers Intercultural training for students which can contribute to the Expanding Horizons workshops requirement. Participants must attend four 90 minute workshops, or two 180 minute workshops, in order to receive a certificate. Workshops are repeated in the Fall and Winter Terms. Space is limited; reserve your place by emailing quic.training@queensu.ca. For more information, refer to Training for Students on the QUIC website.

Aboriginal Cultural Safety Training Certificate

Aboriginal Cultural Safety training workshops are available to any Queen’s University student/staff/faculty member and/or organization/student body.  The intent of these workshops is to remove the power indifference from interactions with Aboriginal people and encouraging individuals to self-reflect and work towards building empathetic and collaborative relationships.  This is done through inter-active activities, while engaging participants to reframe their thinking and relearn the real truths and history of Aboriginal people in Canada. These workshops can also contribute to the Expanding Horizons workshops requirement. For more information, visit the Cultural Safety Training page on the 4DASC website.

MyGradSkills Online Workshops

Log onto the MyGradSkills website.

For each MyGradSkills online workshop you complete, you will be given a certificate.  Send a copy of this certicate into the School of Graduate Studies if you want this to be credited towards your Expanding Horizons certificate.

PhD-Community Initiative Program

2016/17 was such a success we will be doing this again!  Details on how to register for this program, go to the PhD-Community Initiative web page


Queen’s is committed to an inclusive campus community with accessible goods, services, and facilities that respect the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities. The School of Graduate Studies, Expanding Horizons workshop series is available in an accessible format or with appropriate communication supports upon request.

Please contact Colette Steer in the SGS office in one of the following ways:
Email: steerc@queensu.ca
Phone: x 78776
In person: 74 Union Street, Gordon Hall, room 425