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Workshop suites

Workshop Suite Descriptions

Expanding Horizons offers workshops in six suites, with a number of workshops available in each. Not for credit Certificates will be awarded to students who complete a minimum of 12 workshops (with at least one workshop from each suite). Upon graduation a Supplemental Training Record will be issued with the Queen's seal as documentation of the professional skills training you have completed.



Suite One: Health, Wellness and Community

  • Refine and develop knowledge and skills that assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  • Understand the intercultural nature of both workplace and academic environments and the importance of diversity and inclusion.
  • Develop skills in time management and financial management.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of laws and policies concerning interpersonal conduct in the university setting and in society at large.
  • Develop as global citizens.

Suite Two: Research Skills

  • Develop an understanding of academic integrity, citation practices, and issues of intellectual property.
  • Learn how to work collaboratively and successfully manage the supervisory relationship.
  • Develop the ability to explain or teach complex concepts related to your discipline or research area.
  • Build skills in the effective presentation, description, and contextualization of research in applications for grants and scholarships and in submissions to journals and publishers.
  • Learn how to increase research impact and knowledge mobilization beyond academic settings.

Suite Three: Communication - Telling Your Story, Understanding Theirs

  • Enhance written, oral and visual communication skills.
  • Develop the ability to tell your research story to diverse audiences, including media, decision-makers, employers, and the general public.
  • Develop critical thinking, listening, and reading skills.
  • Learn to identify and articulate professional skills learned in graduate school.

Suite Four: Management and Leadership Development

  • Learn how to work effectively in a team and manage collaborative projects.
  • Develop the skills to set goals and objectives and provide leadership to achieve these goals.
  • Enhance awareness and understanding of the principles of teaching and learning in diverse settings.
  • Develop self-awareness about your leadership capacity and potential.

Suite Five: Career Building

  • Explore and envision yourself in diverse career paths, including academia, industry, government, private and public sectors.
  • Learn how to write job-appropriate cover letters, resumés, and CVs.
  • Learn about professional etiquette and how to perform optimally in interviews for various types of jobs.
  • Develop strategies and apply planning tools to determine what career path to take and how to navigate it.

Suite Six: Setting Ideas in Motion

The theme Setting Ideas in Motion focuses on learning how skills acquired in the pursuit of a graduate degree can be applied to address the challenges that organizations, businesses, and communities face today and on recognizing the transferability of academic training to non-academic settings. Making sense of graduate work in the broader context and conveying its significance to multiple audiences, transforming ideas into action, developing and discovering insights and acting upon them in different ways will be the subjects of interactive workshops and discussions.

  • Apply the knowledge and skills learned in graduate school by active participation in outreach, information dissemination, and knowledge transfer.  (for example, GradChat, 3MT Competition, TEDxQueensU).
  • Engage in experiential learning opportunities to apply academic knowledge and skills to situations and issues in other disciplines and/or outside academia.(e.g., Matariki Global Citizenship Forum, BISC Graduate Symposium on Sustainability and the Environment).
  • Mobilize ideas, strategies for ideation, and creative thinking to increase research impact.(e.g., PhD-Community Initiative).

Get credit for these activities too:

  • Volunteering  on campus or within the Kingston community (minimum 4 hours) can also to go towards your Expanding Horizons certificate. Documentation must be provided to the School of Graduate Studies.
  • Volunteering at Homecoming you can get credit towards your Expanding Horizons certificate.
  • You may also get credit towards your Expanding Horizons certificate by completing any of the online workshops hosted by Mitacs Edge program.

Documentation for any of the above must be sent into the School of Graduate Studies to the attention of Colette Steer - grad.recruitment@queensu.ca.

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