Richardson Stadium Pavilion Project Overview

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Richardson Stadium will soon be undergoing its next phase of redevelopment. This exciting project will see the creation of a Pavilion at the North end of the stadium to fully enclose the field, allowing access to the east and west stands and stadium attendees to circumnavigate the full stadium at the concourse level.

The two-story Pavilion will be built to fit into the existing landscape of the West Campus. It will include facilities that will enhance the training and competition environment for varsity sports, expand opportunities for varsity and recreation program (i.e. intramurals), make usage more gender inclusive and able to support a broad range of activities for students and community members.

The Pavilion will also include upgraded amenities for alumni, supporters, season ticket holders, loyal fans and community members. These include:

  • Dedicated game-day gathering spaces for alumni and alumni events
  • A permanent home for the Gaels Club with new terrace and elevated sightlines to the field
  • A prominent entrance that will serve as a gateway to the Stadium
  • A permanent home for the Queen's Football Hall of Fame
  • A full connection to the stadium concourse that will close the horseshoe and create a whole structure surrounding the playing field

When completed, the stadium (with Pavilion) will provide increased event hosting capabilities for local, provincial and national events enhancing the visibility of Queen’s and contributing to the broader community.

Regular updates will be provided in the space below to communicate project progress to the community.

Pavilion Gift Announcement

Project Updates

Activity and Description Anticipated Duration
Overall Project Timeline: Additional details to follow as construction progress. The overall project is expected to take approximately two years. April 2021 – April 2023

Project Background & FAQs

Project Announced - Queen's University Approves Pavilion Project

Queen's University has approved the next phase of development at Richardson Stadium. The Pavilion will support varsity and recreation programs, promote student-athlete leadership, contribute to the health and wellness of students and student athletes, engage alumni, and contribute to the broader community on West Campus. The project consists of a two-story structure at the northern end of the Richardson Stadium. The building has a gross area of approximately 1,400 m2. The second level includes a concession area, storage and washrooms, and an open Gaels Club terrace with elevate viewing area, as well as connectivity to existing stadium concourse. The lower level includes the team locker room and related team spaces, meeting space, and team management spaces on the ground floor. 

The Pavilion is planned to include the following:

  • Team locker room for football (for 100 people)
  • Direct field access
  • Connectivity to existing stadium concourse and fan support areas
  • Athletic therapy and hydrotherapy facilities
  • Coaches offices, locker rooms and meeting spaces
  • Large (120 people) multi‐configuration meeting space (player lounge, student academic support, game day event space)
  • Alumni gathering space
  • Equipment storage and equipment distribution counter
  • A prominent entrance that would serve as a gateway to the stadium
  • Gaels Club terrace feature concession and elevated viewing area
  • Football hall of fame display

The overall timeframe for the project is April 2021 to April 2023. Construction is expected to begin in early 2022 and end in early 2023. Queen’s will communicate directly with neighbours when more details around the construction process are available. Please sign up here for project updates.

As planning for the project moves ahead, and more details become available in the coming weeks and months, Queen’s will communicate with area neighbours about project plans and details related to construction. Please sign up here for project updates. If you have questions, please contact us at

    The detailed design of the building, including energy performance modelling, is in accordance with the Queen’s Design Building Standards, which identify energy performance targets in alignment with the University’s Climate Action Plan.

    Specific sustainability attributes include:

    • Improved thermal performance of the building envelope.
    • More efficient, effective mechanical, electrical and controls systems and plumbing and electrical fixtures, reducing energy and water consumption and improving thermal comfort and air quality.
    • More sustainably sourced, low off‐gassing materials improving durability and indoor air quality.
    • Improved use of natural light thus reducing the reliance on artificial light.
    • Improved facilities for recycling and waste management.

    The configuration of the building and design of adjacent open space and access points considers the impacts on the pedestrian environment (and all modes of transportation), as well as accessibility, adaptability, and flexibility.

    The construction of the pavilion will complete the original vision for the redeveloped Richardson Stadium, completing the bowl-shaped design by closing off the north end of the stadium. It will be a new facility that will provide team rooms, therapy facilities, and offices for athletes and teams, as well as a meeting space and a Gaels Club terrace feature that can be used by game attendees and community groups.