Waste, Organics and Recycling Requests

Please contact the Resource, Recovery & Sustainability Specialist (x33396) to inquire about the status of your pick-up. Please do not submit a second request.

Furniture and Equipment Pickup Request

Post your gently used furniture to Recycle@Queen's. If there aren't other campus members interested in the furniture please submit a furniture pick up request.

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Printer Cartridge Pickup Request

Take a responsible step towards a greener future by securely disposing of your used printer and ink toner cartridges.

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Scrap Metal Pick Up

Scrap metal includes any metal equipment or furniture that are free from hazardous materials.

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E-Waste Pick Up and Disposal

Electronic waste and equipment 

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Examples of eligible materials


Furniture and Equipment Pickup Office Organics Scrap Metal Pickup E-Waste Pickup
Desks Food Scraps Steel, Cast Iron Laptops, tablets
Chairs Coffee Grinds & Filters Stainless Steel, Aluminum Desktops, Monitors
Filing Cabinets Tea Bags Brass, Copper, Lead TV's, Projectors
White boards Kitchen Paper Towel Metal Alloys, Electrical Wire Small Appliances
Shelving Tissue Furniture containing 50% Metal Printers and Photocopiers
Tables Soiled Pizza Boxes Large Appliances and Old Equipment  
Lab Equipment