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Can I travel to Canada for my new faculty position even though travel restrictions continue to be in place for all foreign nationals?

Canada/US travel restrictions and travel restrictions for all other countries continue to be updated by the Government of Canada on a month-by-month basis.  

The Canada Border Services Agency/CBSA is interpreting the travel restrictions very strictly, and individual  CBSA officers have ultimate discretion in refusing access to anyone they do not deem to be essential to be present in Canada, whether they have a valid work permit or letter of work authorization from the online process, or not.

Update June 16, 2020 on biometrics collection: VACs are gradually re-opening for biometrics collection. Keep checking the IRCC page for updates.

Is my job "essential?"

The officer at the Canadian border will decide if your job is essential. 

Certain job descriptions include duties that CBSA officers may consider essential, mainly in health services and in COVID 19 research, as well as teaching.

 If you think this may apply to you, please discuss with your contact in the Queen's department that has hired you.  Information on essential workers is available on the Public Safety Canada site. Your department may be able to provide you with a letter demonstrating the essential nature of your work.

If your department gives you a letter indicating that you may fall in one of the essential categories, bring it to the border to show to the CBSA officer.

Special rules for US citizens – but no guarantees of admission

US citizens may apply for first work permits at the border, however, it is up to the individual border officer if they deem the person essential to Canada. Persons working in the health sector and/or involved in COVID-19 research will likely be admitted, but faculty and Post Doctoral Fellows in other fields may have a more difficult time to convince a border officer of the necessity of their travel to Canada.

Admission of Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents

Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents are allowed to return to Canada. They must undergo the 14 day self-isolation.

Please note that this information is narrowly focused on international international faculty and Post-Doctoral Fellows joining Queen's. For broader information please refer to the IRCC information pages.