Canadian flag flying above a number of other national flags near the Kingston waterfront.

Are you a non-Canadian who has been offered a faculty appointment at Queen's University?

To start your new appointment you must first obtain the appropriate official documentation to enter Canada and to begin working at Queen's University. Usually, a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is required. This will be initiated by Queen's and documentation will be forwarded to you. 

Certain categories are exempt from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process:

  • All Post-Doctoral Fellows 
  • University Professors of certain nationalities under free trade agreements (CUSMA (formerly NAFTA)and the Chile/Canada free trade agreement)

For individuals under the exempt categories, Queen's will complete an "offer of employment" online and pay a $230 "employer compliance fee" to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The system provides a personalized ID number which will be forwarded to you and must be inserted into the work permit application. 

Some questions you should consider as you prepare for your appointment at Queen's:

  • Where can you apply? (At the border or at a Canadian visa office in your country of origin or residence?)
  • What documentation is required for your particular situation?  (requirements can vary significantly depending on your country of origin)
  • Where can you get help in your language to ensure your application is complete?
  • Will you need a medical?
  • Where can you find out if you might be inadmissible to Canada?

Review the web links to the Citizenship and Immigration website that will help you answer these questions under First Steps to Immigration.

Carefully read and follow all documentation you receive from Queen's and Citizenship and Immigration Canada. 

As per your letter of appointment, it is your responsibility to maintain your immigration status by initiating, as soon as possible after taking up your appointment, an application for Permanent Resident status.