Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer?

IRCC does not provide preferential service to applicants with representatives. A lawyer or immigration consultant can help by ensuring you complete the forms correctly. However, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) application forms are designed to be straight-forward to complete. For applications made within Canada, you can contact the call centre to ask questions about the application process. It's a free call, but the number is often very busy. For tips on how to use it efficiently, go to Contact IRCC.

The IRCC website provides further information on different types of representation (through a lawyer, immigration consultant, etc.). NOTE: If you decide to engage a lawyer or immigration consultant, choose wisely. There are significant differences in services provided and knowledge levels. Our program can provide referrals to reliable lawyers and consultants.

If you have concerns about your admissibility to Canada, it is advisable to consult an immigration lawyer before you make a visa application. To find out more about what can make a person inadmissible, refer to this web site