Bringing your Family and Pets

Bringing your family to live in Kingston when you are appointed at Queen's

If you are coming to Queen's on a work permit, your family can accompany you as visitors if they qualify to enter Canada. Consult the Canada Citizenship and Immigration web site for further information, the visitor information is included in "Visit as a Tourist".

Through the Spousal Work Permit Program your spouse (husband, wife or common-law partner including same-sex partner) may qualify for an open work permit without having a specific job offer and without the need for an LMIA from Employment and Skills Development Canada. You may apply for this open work permit along with your own application for a work permit at the point of entry into Canada or in the country of origin/residence.

Returning Canadians, please note: regulations for work permits for the spouse/partner of Canadian citizens are different. If this situation applies to you, please contact the Faculty Recruitment and Support Program for direction to the provincial and federal information that applies.

Bringing your pets

The Government of Canada organization responsible for the rules for bringing pets to Canada is the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Their web site provides detailed information on various types of pets.

Assistance dogs are exempt from import requirements when the person who is assigned to the dog accompanies it to Canada. This includes dogs certified as vision or hearing dogs.