Crossing the Border

Immigration officials can serve you in both English and French. When you are entering Canada, have these documents ready:

  • If you are eligible to apply directly at the border immigration office, a completed application for a work permit (google Form IMM 1295). The officer may not ask you for the form, but may ask you some of the questions contained in the form, so it is best to be prepared. 

  • If you applied online, the letter issued to you in your IRCC account and any documentation required in the documentation check list or by IRCC via your online account..

  • ESDC/Service Canada confirmation letter (LMIA) that was provided to you by Queen's. This is not applicable to CRC, CERC, and Post-Doctoral Fellowship appointments as well as for American, Mexican and Chilean citizens who are entering under NAFTA or CCFTA.

  • If you are applying for your work permit under an LMIA exemption (CRC, CERC, NAFTA and other FTAs) you will need an ID number (the Offer of Employment Number) generated through a process that Queen's will have to initiate on your behalf prior to applying for your work permit.

  • Your offer of employment from Queen's.

  • Valid passport and visa, if issued. NOTE: visas will only be issued to the expiry date of the passport. Generally, newly appointed Queen's faculty have been issued work permits for a three year period or, in case of a time limited appointment, to the end date of the appointment.

  • Evidence of your education and professional credentials - originals are required.

  • Appropriate travel documentation for all accompanying family members:

  • Funds to pay the work permit fee. The immigration office accepts most major credit cards.

Important: Be sure to ask the immigration official to add accompanying dependents to the work permit or documentation of the person who has legal guardianship. If they are not listed, you may encounter difficulties with school registration and health insurance registration.

The Canadian Border Services Agency provides information and regulations regarding moving goods into the country.