Work Permit Renewal

Work Permit Renewal (Extend your stay in Canada)

When you signed your letter of appointment you agreed to apply for Permanent Resident (P.R.) status as soon as possible. The work permit you received through the Temporary Foreign Worker program gives TEMPORARY status only. Failure to apply for Permanent Resident status in a timely manner will result in the government directing the university to re-advertise the position to find any Canadians or Permanent Residents who may qualify.

If lengthy P.R. processing times make it necessary to renew your work permit please take these steps:

  • At least 6 months prior to the permit expiry check the Processing Times under the heading "Applications Submitted Inside Canada/Work Permit/Same Employer". Sudden spikes in processing times often occur in summer.
  • If you obtained your initial work permit with an LMIA read the informaiton under the 'Important Information' heading below.
  • If you obtained your initial work permit with an LMIA but it was shortened due to the validity of your passport, you may be able use the initial LMIA to apply for a subsequent work permit.
  • If you have applied for P.R. and are within 4 months of obtaining a decision, you may qualify for a Bridging Open Work Permit.
  • Review application forms and guides for extending your stay in Canada on the IRCC web site.
  • If you received your work permit without an LMIA, Queen's must process an Offer of Employment through the IRCC Employer Portal and the university will need to pay a fee of $230 prior to your applying for a work permit renewal.

Once you have received your new work permit:

  • Renew your OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) number.
  • Renew your Social Insurance Number (SIN).
  • Keep Queen's Human Resources, your department and faculty office informed of your status at all times so your salary can continue to be processed. Read about documents you can use to prove your continued status under the 'Important Information' heading below.

Important Information

Did you obtain your initial work permit with an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment)?

If so, you will need a new LMIA before you can renew your work permit.

The LMIA application process has to be initiated by Queen's.

To start the process of a subsequent LMIA or discuss your situation, please contact Nicole Honderich, Faculty Recruitment and Support Program.

To receive your salary from Queen's you must keep your immigration status and SIN up-to-date at all times and keep the Department of Human Resources and your faculty office informed of any change in your status.

Your Situation

Proof of Status

I applied for an extension before the expiry date of my work permit and received my new work permit.

New work permit and new SIN


the "Acknowledgement of application for a SIN" letter provided by the Service Canada office when you make your application

I applied for an extension before the expiry date of my work permit, but have not received a decision, and now my work permit and SIN have expired. I have Implied Status.

IMPORTANT: If you leave Canada while under Implied Status you lose the Implied Status. This means that you can not be able to resume working at Queen's and being paid upon your return.

Online application printout from MyCIC or other notification from CIC showing your name.

For mail-in applications, a courier receipt showing a delivery to the IRCC Case Processing Centre.

All above must be dated prior to expiry of the work permit.

As soon as the work permit has arrived, apply for a new SIN.

If you were covered under OHIP, you must re-apply when your work permit is renewed!