Cost of Living

Kingston's Cost of Living

Cost of living comparisons are an important consideration in your relocation.

Housing cost: Kingston's housing market has a history of being relatively stable and generally affordable for the buyer, however, it is currently a fast-moving seller's market. For more information on overall housing prices, check the statistics provided by the Canadian Real Estate Association on their national price map.

Property Taxes: The City of Kingston's eCity Property Assessment and Tax Levy Tool allows you to enter a residential address and look up the property taxes.

Taxes and deductions that Queen's must take from your monthly pay cheque:

  • Canada Pension Plan (CPP). The 2021 annual maximum contribution rate for CPP is $3,166.45.

  • Employment Insurance (EI). 2021 annual maximum contribution amount is $889.54.

The amounts deducted for CPP and EI are not evenly distributed throughout the year. Deductions are made from each pay cheque and once the above amounts are reached during the calendar year, the deductions will cease. Contributions to CPP and EI will commence again January 1 of the following year.

  • Income Tax - use this tax calculator to calculate Ontario and Canada taxes
  • Your contribution to the Queen's Pension Plan, mandatory for faculty members
  • any benefits you choose from the Queen's program of benefits that have a cost-sharing component such as life insurance, semi-private hospital benefit (both optional) and participation in the long term disability insurance program, which is compulsory.
  • Queen's University Faculty Association (QUFA) membership fee (compulsory)