Recruitment Resources

Resources & Best Practices for Faculty Recruitment

The Faculty Recruitment and Support Program is available to assist your department with the recruitment of tenure, tenure track and senior administrative staff. Enquiries from anyone involved in the hiring process or direct referrals of candidates or new hires are welcome at any time during the recruitment process.

Advertise Upcoming Positions

To advertise available faculty positions on the Faculty Recruitment website's Available Positions section, contact the Coordinator, Faculty Recruitment and Support, to arrange for a link to your unit's website, or submit a word file containing the position description.

Resources for Recruitment Efforts

There are a number of ways that the Faculty Recruitment and Support Program can assist with your recruitment efforts:

Faculty Recruitment Brochure

An overview for your committee on the assistance available to your candidates or new appointees including employment information for spouses/partners, immigration information, information about schools, moving, cost of living, etc. It is recommended that you print out copies for distribution to your committee.

Welcome Kits

Kits with information on Queen's and Kingston are available for distribution to the candidates before coming to campus or on arrival. Please order at least 3 days before you require the kits. Contents change frequently, so it's not recommended to stockpile the kits! To order your kits, email Monica Stewart.