Labour Market Impact Assessment

Obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

NOTE: The LMIA forms and applications process are in constant flux. If you are unfamiliar with the process, or for a refresher, please contact the Faculty Recruitment and Support Office as early as possible in the recruitment process. All advertising requirements must be strictly observed, in case a foreign national is the final choice of the appointments committee. 

The LMIA from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) through Service Canada is the first step in the process of bringing a foreign national to work at Queen's for an academic position. Once the foreign national's intention to accept the position has been confirmed, this process must be initiated by forwarding the following documentation to the faculty office:

  • A completed Foreign Academic Recruitment Summary. Please note this form is a new version as of July, 2019. 
  • A list of all Canadian and Permanent Resident applicants (no names, numbered list) who have not been chosen, and reason for not hiring them, referring to the requirements stipulated in the advertisement. 
  • Hard copies of advertisements for the position, containing date/name of publication and proof of length of time it ran. Print outs from the first and last day the ad was posted (spanning at least a 4 week time frame) with a legible computer generated date are considered proof.
  • A receipt for payment alone is not sufficient as proof of advertising, but will also need to be included in your submission.
  • At least two,(better three), of the advertising venues must have a head office in Canada - check their website carefully to determine where the head office is located.
  •  For further details, please review the form linked above.

A request for the LMIA will be prepared by the Faculty Recruitment and Support Co-ordinator based on the above documentation and forwarded to the appropriate office of Service Canada. LMIA requests in the Faculty of Health Sciences will be prepared and submitted to Service Canada by the Senior Staffing Officer. 

A positive LMIA decision for academic staff will be forwarded to the faculty/unit and the newly appointed faculty member, with a cover letter outlining the next step in the immigration process. The faculty member can now initiate the work permit application. The work permit application must be completed prior to the expiry date noted on the LMIA. The LMIA is valid for 6 months. . 

Please note: The LMIA process does not apply to:

  • citizens of the U.S., Mexico and Chile (covered under trade agreements)
  • Canada Research Chairs, Canada Excellence Research Chairs
  • Post-Doctoral Fellows
  • several specific categories of academic visitors
  • French speaking or bilingual workers coming to Queen's, even if they won't be required to speak French in their job

For details on immigration processes that apply to these exemptions please contact Monica Stewart, Faculty Recruitment and Support Co-ordinator.