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Spousal/Partner Employment

Jump-starting your employment search

Finding work without support networks and knowledge of the local labour market can be a challenge. If you are a spouse or partner re-locating to Kingston with a faculty member, archivist, librarian or senior academic administrator employed by Queen's, and you are planning to seek employment in Kingston, you are invited to contact Monica Stewart at the Faculty Recruitment and Support Office to learn more about how we can help you jump-start your job search.

Credential evaluation resources for Internationally Trained Professionals

  • Global Experience Ontario, an Access and Resource Centre for the Internationally Trained, which provides information on Academic Credential Assessment and Career Maps.

Working in Canada

The government of Canada provides a Working in Canada Tool to help you with your job search. Please follow the link to start your job search.

Employment in the Kingston area

Employment Opportunities in the Region

Whether you are seeking to continue your career or search for employment for the first time, we are available to talk with you before or after your move to Kingston to answer your questions and discuss:

  • the local labour market and where to look for opportunities in your profession
  • finding relevant community networking events and connections
  • guidance regarding your resume/curriculum vitae
  • issues relating to permission to work in Canada and foreign training
  • referrals to campus and community resources
  • information about volunteer opportunities

We will provide you with a personalized consultation and a resource kit with referrals to relevant employment services to jump-start your job search.

Additional information about Kingston's labour force according to the 1000 Islands Region Workforce Development Board is included below.

Top 7 Industries Representing Percentage of Total Experienced Labour Force

71% (43,045) of the total experienced labour force (60,310) in the City of Kingston are represented in the following 7 (out of 20) industry groups.

  1. Health Care and Social Assistance

    • Kingston 14.7% (8,855)
    • Ontario 9.4% (611,745)
  2. Educational Services

    • Kingston 13.5% (8,150)
    • Ontario 6.7% (433,485)
  3. Public Administration

    • Kingston 12.4% (7,495)
    • Ontario 5.4% (350,075)
  4. Retail Trade

    • Kingston 12.2% (7,325)
    • Ontario 11.1% (720,235)
  5. Accommodation and Food Services

    • Kingston 8.6% (5,185)
    • Ontario 6.4% (414,970)
  6. Construction

    • Kingston 5.1% (3,060)
    • Ontario 5.9% (384,780)
  7. Administrative and Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services

    • Kingston 4.9% (2,975)
    • Ontario 4.9% (314,005)

Source Data: Statistics Canada 2006 Census Data

Post-Secondary Academic Employment Opportunities

Academic Appointments for Spouses/Partners at Queen’s University

Queen's University recognizes that the talented faculty members the University seeks to attract are frequently part of a dual-career couple. Employment conditions for those seeking an academic appointment (faculty, librarian, archivist) at Queen's are governed by a Collective Agreement between the Queen's University Faculty Association (QUFA) and Queen's administration. The current Collective agreement Article 25. 7.1 (d) provides as follows for spouses/partners of successful candidates for an academic position:

If the spouse or partner of a successful candidate for an academic position at the University or the spouse or partner of a person already holding an academic appointment at the University applies for an advertised academic position at the University, the spouse's or partner's file shall be reviewed by the Appointments Committee of the Unit that has advertised the position, and if qualified, shall be short-listed for that position.

Education Institutions in the Region