Your Move

Planning Your Move to Kingston

Choosing a mover and claiming your relocation allowance

Please review your letter of offer to see the requirements regarding estimates that you need to obtain for your move (either one or two). We can provide you with names of reputable moving companies. The final choice of movers is up to you. Retain the quote(s) and submit with your reimbursement claim.

As a new faculty or staff member you qualify for discounted rates under the CAUBO agreement. Please note that discounted rates do not necessarily equal best service. Compare pricing and assess the customer service record of the moving company carefully when you choose a mover. 

  • check company references (ask for one from a move that didn't go smoothly)
  • confirm who actually does the move (many companies contract out)
  • industry standard for domestic (including US/Canada) moves is no more than 10% increase from the estimate unless there has been a major change in scope of the move
  • international moves should generally not exceed the quoted amount unless there are additional services provided that were not on the original quote
  • tell the movers as much as possible about the destination address. If your new place is inaccessible to a large moving truck or has winding stairs, this will incur extra costs you want to take into consideration in the estimate
  • a deposit should not exceed 10% of the quote
  • review the insurance coverage with the moving company - while basic insurance may be included, comprehensive insurance of your goods is usually an extra cost
  • Ask the movers to specify the CAUBO discount on the estimate and the final invoice to ensure that you get the full benefit.

Your relocation allowance

Your Letter of Appointment indicates the maximum moving allowance you are entitled to. If you are appointed under the Collective Agreement for Faculty, Librarians and Archivists, read Article 27 to learn how you may spend this allowance.

You may be able to receive an advance or have your move billed directly to Queen's - please contact your faculty office to inquire. 

Some Queen's faculties include a moving expense claim form with your appointment letter. If you need a new copy, please click on the appropriate link below,:

  • Health Science
  • Education:  Be sure to keep your quotes and detailed receipts in order to be reimbursed, contact your faculty office for details.
  • Smith School of Business: retain your receipts for direct input in to the Queen's ERS system for reimbursement
  • Law
  • Queen's Libraries: Use the Travel Expense Claim Form if you do not yet have a Queen's Employee ID, or, once you have a Queen's employee ID, use the ERS online system