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Professional Expenses

The Parties recognize that Members incur professional expenses in order to maintain and enhance their academic and professional competence, and their respective disciplinary or specialist expertise.

The University shall reimburse Members (except Term Adjunct faculty Members) for such expenses to the following annual maxima:

(a) One thousand seven hundred and eighty-two (1,782) dollars for 2015-2016.
(b) One thousand eight hundred and four (1,804) dollars for 2016-2017.
(c) One thousand eight hundred and thirty-one (1,831) dollars for 2017-2018.
(d) One thousand eight hundred and sixty-three (1,863) dollars for 2018-2019.

The University shall reimburse Term Adjunct faculty Members for such expenses to the following annual maxima per half (0.5) credit course or equivalent:

(a) Two hundred and fifty-four (254) dollars for 2015-2016.
(b) Two hundred and fifty-seven (257) dollars for 2016-2017.
(c) Two hundred and sixty-one (261) dollars for 2017-2018.
(d) Two hundred and sixty-six (266) dollars for 2018-2019.

Members who are on a Reduced Responsibility appointment or a leave pursuant to Article 33 are entitled to full reimbursement as set out above.

If a Member incurs less than the maximum in any year, the balance can be carried forward for two (2) years.