Queen's Family Health Team Pilot Project

Please see LOA #3 in the Collective Agreement for details of the agreement and see below for contact information.

Among the changes resulting from recent collective bargaining is the introduction of a pilot project in which the University will enable Employees in the Postdoctoral Fellow Bargaining Unit, and their “family members”, to have direct access to the family healthcare services of the Queen’s Family Health Team (QFHT).  QFHT has two Kingston locations: 220 Bagot Street and 115 Clarence Street.

As per the Letter of Agreement signed by the University and your bargaining agent, PSAC, the QFHT is  able to provide primary health care to Employees (i.e. currently appointed Postdoctoral Fellows in the Unit 2 Bargaining Unit) and their “family members”.  A “family member” is defined as  the spouse or partner of an Employee (i.e., the legally married spouse of an employee, or a person of the opposite or same sex who has continuously lived with the employee for a period of at least one year in a conjugal relationship outside marriage), or a dependent child of the Employee (including a natural  child, adopted child, foster child, ward, or step-child), or a person in respect of whom an Employee is the legal guardian. 

The pilot project is designed for those who do not already have a Family Physician in Kingston and who otherwise wish to participate. The University will provide a list of Bargaining Unit members to the QFHT. The QFHT will use this information for the sole purpose of confirming the identity of Bargaining Unit members and will not redistribute this information. If you do not want your name provided to the QFHT, you may send an email confirming your decision to FRO@queensu.ca

QFHT will not be offering services as a drop-in clinic. If you are an Employee and would like to access this service, whether for yourself or a family member, you must book a first visit by contacting:

Please advise our office that you are a Postdoctoral Fellow at Queen's in order to receive preferential treatment.

613-533-9303, extension 73818

The QFHT estimates that they will be able to respond to schedule your visit within five days.   Please note that, when you attend your first visit, you will be required to bring documentation. The QFHT will inform you of what you need to bring when you are contacted about scheduling the first visit.

Employees who choose to participate and obtain access to this service will not lose such access if the pilot project is cancelled.