Faith and Spiritual Life

Faith and Spiritual Life

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Faith and Spiritual Life offers multi-faith, non-judgmental support for religious, spiritual and personal issues. We strive to facilitate a welcoming, peaceful and safe community.

We are a faith-positive, spirituality-positive and queer-positive. We respect and advocate for both freedom of, and freedom from, religion. Let us help you deal with questions of meaning and purpose as you grow academically and personally during your time at Queen's.

The Office of the Chaplain at Queen’s is responsible for:


  • Journeying with students of any/every identification through questions of meaning, purpose and morality
  • Religious Accommodation for academic requirements
  • Building and maintaining prayer and reflection spaces on campus including the campus chapel in Theological Hall
  • Providing meaningful ceremonies for special events in the life of the campus community
  • Supporting dialogue across religious and other differences in the campus community