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Faith and Spiritual Life

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Nathan Brinklow 

Nathan is from the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, just 45 minutes west of Kingston.  He is a member of the Turtle Clan and is a speaker in the longhouse, which is the traditional spiritual and political organization of the Haudenosaunee.

Nathan originally trained to become an Anglican priest at the University of Toronto.  Through a series of “nudges” he came to the longhouse via the experience of learning the Mohawk language as an adult.  His great-grandparents were the last to have spoken the language in his family and it is something he always missed as a child.

Learning the language opened his eyes to a deeper cultural understanding and it was in the longhouse that he found a more comfortable spiritual home. 
Nathan firmly believes in the strength of community in the life of the individual, wherever that community may be found.  Healthy communities create healthy individuals and healthy individuals make for healthy communities.  In times of distress, these communities can carry one through when their own strength fails.  In the university setting, students have the benefit of many “communities” in which to make their home and so he believes they have a strength and support greater than many ever have cause to discover. 

Nathan works in the chaplain's office and also teaches two courses in Mohawk language and culture.  He lives near Peterborough with his husband Brad. 

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