Emergency Bursary Assistance

Open to students in emergency situations or in situations not covered by other bursaries, the emergency funds are meant to assist with unexpected expenses and unforeseen crises, they are not meant to be part of an ongoing financial plan or cover budgeable expenses.

  • Bursaries are small (approximately $250) and are subject to availability.  
  • Applications are assessed based on several variables including amount of debt, family responsibilities, tuition/course load, options available and utilized by the student, etc.
  • We assess each applicants situation individually. 
  • Current students who have not yet received FSL emergency bursary support this term can apply for a bursary.   
  • Email Chaplain@queensu.ca to apply for an emergency bursary.

If you have financial need, please first consult with a financial advisor at the Student Awards Office to ensure that you have access to all funding options available to you (awards@queensu.ca).

If you are still experiencing financial need, please speak with one of our Chaplains to request an application form.

Our Emergency Bursaries are made possible due to the generous support of donors! We are so grateful for this support which allows us to help students in need.  

Ontario Fund Bursary 

Established from funds donated by the Toronto Alumni Branch and friends and awarded on the basis of financial need to an Ontario resident registered in any faculty or school at Queen's University. Applications should be made to Faith and Spiritual Life. Selections will be made in consultation with the Student Awards Office.

Donate to the Chaplain’s Trust!

Community funded support for emergencies and unexpected situations.
If you wish to make a contribution to the Chaplain's Trust.