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Faith and Spiritual Life

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Off-Campus Faith GroupsKingston City Hall surrounded by flowers

There are so many faith communities in Kingston it can be a little overwhelming to figure out where to start.

Feel free to drop in and  tell us what you are looking for in a faith community. We should be able to make some suggestions based on your needs and give you a place to start. We want to support you on campus. We also think that everybody needs a team in life. Connecting with a nurturing faith community can provide you with a number of players for your team. Having some non-school friends and elders can also help you to keep the pressures of university in perspective.

Opportunities to worship in the wider Kingston community include:

Worshiping in Kingston

Faith and Spiritual Life encourages you to consult the Yellow Pages or the Internet if you cannot find the place of worship you are looking for. The office also has a comprehensive list if you are having difficulty locating a specific church or denomination.