Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre

Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre
Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre


What can you do at FDASC?

Join our cultural events & programming

This is a great chance to get involved and meet other Aboriginal students. Come and gather for some beading, leather work, hand drumming and creating with traditional materials.

Feast at the Three Sisters’ feast nights & frybread Fryday

Feasts are the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month and ​Frybread Frydays are the last Friday of the month!
See you there!

Chill out in the student lounge

This is a great space where students can relax, socialize, do school work and hold meetings.

Join the Queen's Native Student Association 

QNSA is an AMS ratified university club compromised of a diverse group of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students that share an interest in Aboriginal cultures and traditions. Undergraduates, graduates and professional students are all represented in the QNSA.

Bring your laundry (seriously!)

Bring your laundry and take advantage of our free laundry service here at Four Directions!

Seek academic supports

These include peer mentoring and tutoring, and our QSuccess First Year Transition Program to help you hit the ground running. Our advisors and success strategists can help you deal with academic problems and map out a successful academic career.

Visit the Elder-in-Residence

The Elder is an invaluable resource to our students and staff, providing support, guidance and leadership. At the Centre three days a week, the Elder is also available to meet with students on a one-on-one basis.

Cook meals with friends in the Four Directions kitchen

You are welcome anytime to come and use the kitchen. Students love using the kitchen while studying or relaxing to causally make a coffee or tea, or whip up a total master piece! 


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