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Dan Vena recently completed a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow at Carleton University under the supervision of Dr. Laura Horak. He holds a doctorate in Cultural Studies from Queen’s University, where he teaches in Film & Media. He locates his academic interests within the spheres of visual and popular cultures, merging together trans, queer, and feminist approaches to an array of topics including: monsters and horror cinema; Classical Hollywood Cinema; comic book superheroes; and histories of medicine. 

 He is currently finishing his first manuscript, which revisits classical feminist studies in horror cinema in relation to the new wave of women directors working within the genre. The work is slated to be published by Rutgers University Press. 

Continuing his postdoctoral studies, Dan’s next project explores the relationships between medical horror cinema and changing approaches to gender confirmation surgeries. This study is the first to re-read medical horror cinema through the histories of surgical modification and shifting understandings of transgender identity. 

Dan’s published work can be found in various journals including, Transformative Works and Culture, Studies in the Fantastic, Graduate Journal for Social Studies, and several anthologies on gender, sexuality, horror cinema, and comic book studies. 

 Complimentary to his academic work, Dan has also been invited to speak at a number of activist- and community-oriented panels and conferences about trans identities, especially in relation to practices of medical care.