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Janice Bélanger is a member of the Broadcast Educators Association of Canada, and is the Senior Film and Media Technician.  She first joined Film and Media as a technician in 2008.

She began her media career on the arts side, and produced her first 8mm film in 1969.  A dancer and choreographer in the 1970s, she became attracted to the technical side of production as well.  She holds a diploma in Electronics and Computer Engineering, and post secondary studies in graphic arts, photography, television production, programming, and translation. 

After several years working in television in the 1980s, she supervised three local channels as Director of Programming.  During the 1990s, as a technician and media producer for the Ministry of Health, she received awards for innovation in studio design and production. 

She was both a media technician, and faculty, in the Broadcast Journalism program at the School of Media Studies at Loyalist College in the 2000s.  She also taught production, technology and computer programming concurrently in the Loyalist Schools of Business, Nursing, and Arts and Science, and at St. Lawrence College.  As a graphics designer, she has produced for print, media and web.

A filmmaker and educator for over 40 years, she has produced films, videos, documentaries and TV series.  Her current passions are in the area of editing, effects and postproduction, and computer programming.  Past clients have included the Government of Ontario, the cities of Kingston and Toronto, and NATO.