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Philippe Gauthier has recently completed a two-year SSHRC postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University. He obtained a double Ph.D. at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) and the University of Montreal (Canada).

In his research, Philippe explores complex narratives in popular media franchises; revisits transmedia storytelling and social media through concepts such as interface, playfulness and immersion; and thinks a lot about animation, seriality and popular culture.

FQRSC and SSHRC fellowships as well as awards from Domitor, Film Studies Association of Canada, Centre for Research into Intermediality, Francophone Association for Knowledge, University of Montreal, University of Ottawa and Bishop’s University have supported his research. His work on editing, television, animation and comic books have been published in French, English, German, Japanese and Portuguese.

Before teaching at Queen’s University, Philippe has taught courses on the history and theory of film, animation, documentary, media and new media at University of Montreal, University of Ottawa and Bishop’s University.

Philippe has been very active in leading national and international scholarly associations: for the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, he acted as co-chair of the Animated Media Scholarly Interest Group (2011-2014) and co-chair of the Television Studies Scholarly Interest Group (2014-2017); he served as board member and treasurer for the Film Studies Association of Canada (2011-2015) and secretary for Domitor, an International Association Dedicated to the Study of Early Cinema (2012-2014). He is also an editorial board member of Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal (http://anm.sagepub.com).

Philippe has been invited at different Comiccons to talk on topics such as narrative complexity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or time travel and temporal paradoxes in science fiction movies.

Publications: https://harvard.academia.edu/PhilippeGauthier

​Philippe Gauthier will be teaching FILM 240 and FILM 215 in Fall 2018 and FILM 240 and FILM 335 online in Winter 2019.