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Film and Media Studies

Message for Current Students in Film & Media-related Degree Plans:

The Queen’s undergraduate registration period is about to begin. On July 9th, you'll receive your registration time ticket. We recommend that you begin picking your courses and putting them in your shopping cart well in advance of your time ticket. If you have any questions or concerns that arise during this process (course prereqs, timetable conflicts, etc.), please reach out to our office via the contact info below. It’s best to sort out as many potential issues as soon as possible before your time ticket to ensure you’ll be able to register for your preferred courses.

Notice for incoming 2nd year students in the following degree programs: FILM Major, FILM Medial, Computing & the Creative Arts, and Stage & Screen: You’re required to take FILM 250/6.0 in the 2018-19 academic year. Please be sure to register for this course and any other required second year courses in your degree program before you select your electives. 

Notice for incoming 4th year FILM Majors: You're required to enroll in FILM 460/6.0 in your final year of study. Please be sure to register for this course before you select your option courses and electives.

Refer to your specific program requirements and to our list of courses offered in 2018-19 prior to registering. 

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Contact us via undergraduatefilm@queensu.ca for questions/concerns related to your undergraduate program and registration or call Stephanie Wilson, Undergraduate Administrative Assistant, at 613-533-2178.