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Please join us for the Canadian premiere of Jerusalem, We Are Here

Montreal International Documentary Film Festival
UX DOC Section
Director Dorit Naaman in person November 12, 7PM at UX Doc Space
If houses and streets, neighborhoods and cities could tell us their stories, what would these be?  The present dominates our sense of space, but the past is always enduring under the surface, even when it has been socially, politically and economically concealed.  

Jerusalem, We Are Here is an interactive documentary that digitally brings Palestinians back into the Jerusalem neighborhoods from which they were expelled in 1948. Focusing primarily on the neighborhood of Katamon, Palestinian participants probed their families' past and engaged with the painful present. 

Together we produced short, poetic videos, filled with nostalgia, sorrow, and fleeting returns.  The films are embedded into a virtual tour where the audience - in Amman, Cairo, Jerusalem, Paris, Toronto and beyond - can “walk” down the streets of Katamon as these were filmed in 2012-2015. As we meander down the streets of contemporary Jerusalem, our soundscape is of the 1940s; and when we reach the home of each participant, we can watch the video/audio produced. As the generation of Palestinians who survived the Nakba (the 1948 catastrophe) is aging and passing on, there is an urgent need to collect their stories and knowledge, and remap the space that has been declared entirely Israeli.  When people flee war, they rarely take with them their photo albums or documents or the art off the walls.  In Remapping Katamon, the map side of Jerusalem, We Are Here, we will continue to organically and communally remap the neighborhood, house by house. 

Canada, Palestine, Israel, 2016
Director and Producer: Dorit Naaman
Co-Producer: Livia Alexander
Associate Producer: Marina Parisinou
Consultant, Research, Development and Tour Guide: Mona Hajjar Halaby and Anwar Ben Badis
Associate Producers: Helios Design Lab
Contributors: Saba Abdo, Anees Assali, Nahla Assali, Nahil Aweidah, Marianne Bannayan, Adel Budeiri, Ghadeer Dajani, Muna Dajani, Nada Dajani, Yuval Eshet, Emile Jouzy, Tulib Kadri, Issa Mashy, Rita Mouchabeck, Michel Moushabeck, Gaby Moushabeck, Mitri Muna, Laila Muna Mashy, Lily Naaman, Ghadeer Najjar, Jacob Nammar, Khalil Nammari, Marina Parisinou, Ellie Savvides, Evi Savvides-Gellerson, Alex Schtakleff, Cynthia Schtakleff, Nadia Stephan, Stepho Stephan, Jamil Toubbeh, Georgios Tsourous, Yusef Yusef (Jareysah)

To view the project and start interacting visitwww.jerusalemwearehere.com 

For Inquiries contact Livia Alexander at livia@JerusalemWeAreHere.com