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The Listener poster

Queen's New Media Artist and Speaker Series presents


sound installation that sonifies data broadcast by smartphones

by Wesley Goatley

in collaboration with students from FILM 315 - Communication Technologies and Creative Practice

Isabel Bader Center Art and Media Lab


Opening Reception: March 20, 5-7pm, Art and Media Lab

Artist Talk: March 20, 7-8pm, Film Screening Room 222

Gallery hours: March 21-24, 12-4pm, Art and Media Lab

Workshop on Critical Data Aesthetics: March 23, 6-8pm, Modern Fuel Artist Run Centre


The Listener is a device that detects and sonifies the data emitted from cell phones as they search for wifi networks. The work explores how we can create new forms of sense-making for the discrete, personal forms of data created and broadcast by our smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

The students of FILM 315, Communication Technologies and Creative Practice, have created an interactive Video Guestbook to compliment this exhibition.

About the artist: Wesley Goatley is sound artist and researcher based in London, UK. His practice examines opaque power and hidden processes in data and technology through installations, objects, and talks. http://www.wesleygoatley.com/

This event is presented by the George Taylor Richardson Memorial Fund