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Phil Hoffman Poster

Philip Hoffman

Thursday November 1, 2018

6 -8 PM

The Gordon Vogt Film Screening Room (222)

Isabel Bader Centre for Performing Arts

Philip Hoffman, Canada’s pre-eminent experimental diarist filmmaker, will be presenting two recent works at the Department of Film & Media. Followed by a Q&A discussion with the filmmaker.

Slaughterhouse (2014)

This multi-framed work weaves several inter-connected threads of loss: of land and agriculture, of property and business. The archival materials in the work have been gleaned from public and personal sources such as the National Archives of Canada, in the story of a nineteenth century aboriginal woman and land rights activist Nahnebahwequay (1824-65) and from the artist’s familial past, and the rise and fall of his family’s slaughterhouse and pork processing plant, Hoffman Meats (1951-81), in Kitchener, Ontario. 

Vulture (work in progress)

Vulture sets its sight on farm animals and their surrounding flora. Static shots and slow moving zooms, follow the grazing animals in their minute inter-species exchanges. When left to roam together the sensibilities of these “beasts” are allowed to surface. The film was shot and processed with various means including flower/plant processing carried out as blooming occurred, from 2016-18,. In some cases, a salt bath was used for fixing the film which was left soaking in the dark for 3 days.