Photo of Melissa Shumaker

Melissa Shumaker

Department and Financial Assistant

Film and Media

Arts and Science


Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts Room 306

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Having recently completed their third year at St. Lawrence College in Business Administration-Accounting, Mel began working in the Film & Media Department at Queen's University. This provided the opportunity for them to be engaged in the Belle Park Project. Shifting from a background in sales & management in customer-focused environments, it is their desire to grow their skill set in this new role. 

Continuing their education through Queen's University is something they aim to do, following a path that would allow them to be a voice for vulnerable and homeless people in Canada. Having experienced youth homelessness, they bring a personal passion to addressing homelessness, abuse, and at-risk youth, aiming to help impact the affordable housing sector while supporting housing first initiatives across the country.

Their passion for affordable housing and the un-housed has been a focus for numerous years. They led a finalist team for the Mayor's Innovation Challenge, an extension of the Community Project Leaders Program at SLC, proposing and pitching an innovative idea to combat homelessness and affordable housing issues in our community. This ties into other volunteer work they have done on this topic.

In addition to being a single mom, Mel is also an avid writer and is thrilled to have the opportunity to witness the creations that are produced in the Department of Film and Media, delighted to have a chance to be inspired by the dedication of those involved.