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FILM 250 PROJECTS: 2015/16


The Outsider

The Outsider, Connie Chau and Vivian Wong

Both of us are international students, and we travel back and forth between Hong Kong and Canada once to twice a year. It is often hard for us to adapt to the lifestyles in both countries.This documentary is about the difficulty of keeping up with life in both your hometown and the country you are currently living in.


Lost, Raven Adamsen and Tiffany Ledesma

LOST follows the story of a girl named Jane as she struggles through an eating disorder.



Default, Erika Weir and Julia Carrie

Default explores asexual erasure and othering within the Queen’s and broader community by elevating the voices and lived experiences of individuals who identify with this sexual orientation.


Icarus, Allison Koopman and Keren Wang

In the near future, society has erased individualism entirely and is ruled by a totalitarian monarchy. To escape her stifling existence, a young woman decides to leave her entire world behind by transforming into a bird. But her decision comes with consequences, and the change is painful and dangerous.



Lucid, Sissi Zhao, Shirley Liu, Katherine Tang

The main character of our film is an extremely introverted and compulsive girl who rarely talks, lives in an apartment by herself and never goes to any social events. With the desire to escape from her loneliness, she starts to prepare herself for a dream state…