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Film and Media Studies

FILM 315: Student Projects

Found Footage Videos

Under the covers

Under the Covers, Emma Bolf and Jillian Wakarchuk

In this visual mashup of well-known music videos, the music has been removed and replaced by reconstructed diegetic sound. The result is both a catalogue of some contemporary music video tropes, and an unsettling depiction of suburban domestic spaces.


Hockey Canada's Game

Canada’s Game, Robin Schneider

A found footage film on the issue of toxic masculinity in hockey.



Technolution, Maddie Moniz

An audiovisual collage about technological evolution.



Digital Photomontage

Self Protrait

Steph Horton “profane + sacred reflections: self portrait of the madonna (autoerotica)”

Get Ready

Maddie Moniz “Get Ready”

Emma Bolf's Project

Emma Bolf “Anyone reading this can copy and paste it on their Facebook Wall. This will place them under protection of copyright laws.”


Robin Schneider