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FILM 338: The School for Eventual Vacancy

The School for Eventual Vacancy Exhibit

Distance Education is a long distance knowledge exchange between The School for Eventual Vacancy, based in Vancouver, and Queen’s Department of Film and Media course, FILM 338. The School mailed FILM 338 students packages  of materials, resources, and ephemera that set out to challenge traditional understandings of learning in the academy. In response, students created Knowledge Kits that critically and creatively attempted to de-centre their own ingrained assumptions around schooling within and beyond the classroom.  The Kits not only challenge how (un)learning can take place, but reveal the range of embedded messages disseminated through both popular culture and institutional curricula. While some Kits take the form of books and maps, others use film and art objects to explore the stakes of learning in a period where knowledge for its own sake is treated as a suspect activity because it cannot be reduced to (economic) market activity. The result is a group exhibition that illuminates the possibility of a counter curricula, or subjects of study that attempt to  tactically speak back to the secret knowledge that disciplines subjects into productive workers, ceaseless consumers, and docile students. Following the Distance Education exhibit, the Kits will be mailed to Vancouver completing the exchange with The School. Working across great distances and expanses of time, this exchange demonstrates that knowledge production is an activity made of critical negotiations, ephemeral exchanges, and creative practices. Viewers are encouraged to actively engage with the artwork and treat these Kits as part of their own unique (and ongoing) journey of unlearning hidden knowledge.

Curatorial note by Tarreisha Agard (Film and Media student), Shalon Webber-Heffernan (Curator), Keren Zaiontz (Film 338 instructor).

Distance Education Distance Education 2

Distance Education curator Shalon Webber-Heffernan deconstructed one of The School for Eventual Vacancy packages and displayed it alongside the students’ work. Photos by Dominque Helie.

Between the Lines Project  Between the Lines project

Between the Lines (Tarreisha Agard, Sharah Isner, Philippa Nicholl, Adeorike Oshinyemi); The Uncommon Core Workbook (Megan Burns, Erica Headley and Julia Scheel). Photos by Dominque Helie.

The Never-Land Project  The Never-Land Project

The Never-Land Project (Emily Langer, Robyn Berry, Meredith O’Brien). Photos by Dominque Helie.

A Tale of Two Cities  

2:33 (Fenton Isaacs, Adam Gavin Mott, Kala Raju, Miranda Ramnares). Photos by Dominque Helie.

Demand Attention  Demand Attention

Demand Attention (Brett Hagarty, Maddie Furlong, Florian Ntibarigobeka). Photos by Dominque Helie.

Desire 101 project  Desire 101 Project 2

Desire 101 (Rochéa D’Souza, Callie Mathieson, Mickayla Pike). Photos by Dominque Helie.

The Anonymous Guide to Etiquette  The Anonymous Guide to Etiquette 2

The Anonymous Guide to Etiquette: A Hacker's Handbook for Tasteful Revolution (Anonymous). Photos by Dominque Helie.

Education Breakdown

Film 338 watches Education Breakdown (Alex Barrett, Matthew Corolis, Pat Sainsbury, and Ryan Wilson-Bennett). Photo by Dominque Helie.