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The online Certificate in Media Studies offers students the opportunity to develop and accredit their fluency in the foundations of media and cultural studies. Students will build practical creativity, communication, and critical thinking skills that can be applied in academic and professional contexts. 

Online Certificate Program Plan

This certificate program consists of 12.0 units of degree-credit courses. 6.0 of these units are required courses, while the other 6.0 units can be selected from a set of option courses - option courses offered fully online are listed below. Students who are concurrently in a degree program can apply 6.0 units from the online certificate towards their degree (or vice-versa). Graduating with both an online Bachelor’s Degree and the Media Studies Certificate will require a total 96.0 units.

Core courses (6.0 units) offered online

• FILM 240 (3.0 units): Media and Popular Culture
• FILM 236 (3.0 units): Media and Cultural Studies (*Available online starting Winter 2018)

Option courses (6.0 units) offered online

• FILM 260 (3.0 units): Digital Media Theory and Practice
• FILM 300 (3.0 units): Hollywood: The Dream Factory
• FILM 303 (3.0 units): Transnational Cinemas
• FILM 335 (3.0 units): Culture & Technology
• GNDS 125 (3.0 units): Gender, Race, and Pop Culture
• MUSC 171 (3.0 units): The Social History of Popular Music
• DRAM 205 (3.0 units): Theatre in the Age of Film and TV 


Undergrad students at Queen's apply to the certificate at http://www.queensu.ca/artsci/programs-and-degrees/certificates. The Certificate Application Form will be open from May 15-26 and again from June 12 - July 7.

If you are already a Distance student at Queen’s in an online degree program and wish to be added into the online media studies certificate, please email us at cds@queensu.ca(link sends e-mail). Students currently in the Interest category must complete 18.0 units at a 1.6 cumulative GPA to be eligible to request enrolment in an online certificate program. 

Students new to Queen’s can view the admission requirements for the online media studies certificate and apply here. Standard tuition fees apply.