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FILM 365 Final Projects

Connect Film 


Director: John Abrams
Producer: Adrienne Miller
Sound Designer: Tess Richards
Director of Photography: Jared Aronoff
Written by: John Abrams, Adrienne Miller, Tess Richards, Jared Aronoff, and Tia McGregor
In this comedy, a distraught grandmother goes to great lengths to free Dylan, a young gamer, from his addiction. She realizes it may take a village to finally get him to pay attention.
Starring: Paul Dyck, Barbara Guthrie, Phil Perrin, Luke Brown, Joel Marcus, Emily Bojda, Chantel Martin and Patrick Downes


Icewalkers Film


Director: ​Joe Craib 
Producer: Vivian Cornell
Camera: Will Culverwell 
Sound Designer: Malinda Black


Home Film  


Director: Cassidy Howard
Producer/Editor: Yiyang Liu
Director of Photographer/Screenwriter: Jonathan Vamos
Sound Designer: Zander Startup 


Night of the Krampus Film  

Night of the Krampus

Producer: Brian Murphy
Director: Toni Akinwumi
Cinematographer:  Ryan Lee
Sound Designer:  Eric Jette
Editor: Brian Murphy
Writer:  Eric Jette
When a group of friends start misbehaving, they soon realize Santa isn't the only one coming to town. Viewers beware, you're in for a scare!
Starring: Kestrel Collison, Kieran Chenier, Joe DeSousa, Taylor Macdowell, James McDonald, and Wamiq Bazaz 


Invaluable Film  


Producer/Editor: Hanna Brynn
Director: Mickayla Pyke
Cinematographer: Maria Vlasova
Sound Designer/Writer: Laura Bossy
This documentary-style short film is about a mother who races against time to find something very valuable.


Licidity Film  


Director: Patrick Weiers
Director of Photography: Even Wu
Producer: Matt Horvat
Writer: Emily Johansen
Music: Jason H. M. Ng
Editor: Even Wu
Starring: Brandon Macpherson, Sarah Nicole Lang, Bianca C.P., Kim Renders
After the tragic death of his girlfriend, Henry has been plagued with nightmares about Jane's untimely death and not being able to save her. To help him get over his psychological trauma, a psychologist administers him a drug that will help him achieve lucidity in his dreams. Once he is able to take control his dreams and save Jane, he begins to live with her in his dreams and neglect his work and family. However, ultimately, Henry will find that what he wants isn't necessarily what he needs. 


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