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STSC 339

Media and Performance Fall 2017

Instructor: Tracy Zhang


Historically, media has played a key role in producing and circulating social knowledge as well as fostering people’s senses of belonging and empowerment. Throughout this course, students explore how media practices as a form of “embodied performance” could engender new creative space for intervention in a post-industrial and neoliberal age.

Visiting Scholar Presentation

Dr. Amahl Bishara is a media anthropologist who investigates the politics of media production through the lens of performance in the Middle East. Between November 16 and 17, Dr. Bishara was a visiting scholar in Film and Media. She gave a public lecture, a film screening, and an in-class workshop for STSC 339 students. 

Amahl picture

Amahl Bishara was answering questions from the audience during her film screening, November 16, 2017. Photo by Tracy Zhang

Amahl picture

Amahl Bishara was presenting her participatory photography project to STSC 339 students, November 17, 2017. Photo by Tracy Zhang


 Final Research-Creation Projects

In the second half of the semester, students drew on a methodological framework, which they have developed in the previous weeks, to conduct a research-creation project. This year, students explored three topics: 1) A profile of a student cultural organization/group at Queen’s University, 2) Social issues/challenges at Queen’s University, 3) A progressive cultural event in Kingston.

Through creating a digital dossier, which includes texts, images, and audio/video recordings of an interview or event, students further explored the embodied dimension of media practice and what the process of creativity entails.  


1. Jewish: A Study of Cultural and Religious Performativity at Queen’s

Jewish poster

Jake Martin & Jessica Shapiro

The objective of our research is to determine the various reasons why Jewish students

at Queen’s adjust the performatives that make them Jewish when they come to campus. Why is it

that there culture/religion varies depending on their geographic location?

Digital Dossier : https://jakemartin8.wixsite.com/stsc339

2. Drag Queens at Queen’s

Drag Queen poster

Charlotte McNair & Zac Warren

Throughout this research project, we came up with the research question, “What is the difference between being a Drag Queen in a University environment, versus other larger settings? More specifically, our subquestion: How does being a drag queen at Queen’s differ from the environments our participants grew up in?”

Digital Dossier:  https://charlotte22656.wixsite.com/dragqueensatqueens

3. Homecoming: A Look at the Queen’s Film & Media Student Identity

Homecoming poster

Lauren Broadhurst & Coven Madensky

This project explores what it means to be a student (or alumni) of the Film and Media department at Queen’s University during Homecoming, and whether or not a certain identity could be shaped or formed around the event itself.

Digital Dossier: https://covenmadensky.wixsite.com/homecoming

4. Ban Righ Centre: Home away from home

Ban Righ poster

Rosela Boland & Alina Zhang

Throughout this project we have been able to explore the reality of the Ban Righ Center as seen from the eyes of the students who use the center as well as the advisors that work at the Center. In general, our goal was to have an insight on the emotional attachment of the Ban Righ students, and to confer the feeling of home that the Ban Righ has been able to create for them.

Digital Dossier: https://littlebeauty143.wixsite.com/banrighcentre

5. Thinking Outside the Black Box: The Evolution of Performance

Thinking poster

Ben Sterlin & Tiffany Ledesma

A research project looking at the evolution of The Dan Studio Series and how their implementation of Dance and Music affects their regular installments of narrative theatre pieces.

Digital Dossier: https://ledesmasterlin.wixsite.com/outsidetheblackbox

6. Concord Floral as a Progressive Cultural Event

Concord floral poster

Vishmayaa Jeyamoorthy & Maryam Remtulla

Our research examines Concord Floral, a collaborative production by the Dan School of Drama and Music and Theatre Kingston, in terms of equity and artistry by using surveys, personal observations, and photographs. Overall, the inclusion of more diverse cast members was positive to the artistic process of this play, but the method that was chosen to include these actors was less than successful.

Digital Dossier: https://stsc339concordfloral.wixsite.com/research

7. Aboriginal Cultural Understanding at Queen’s

Aboriginal Culture poster

Marina Thompson & Ben Diamond

The goal of our research is to examine the ways in which Queen’s acknowledges and informs students on Aboriginal culture. This topic is important because furthering our understandings of it will aid us in promoting campus-wide cultural acceptance and understanding.

Digital Dossier: https://marinathompson17.wixsite.com/mysite

8. Filmmaking In and Out of Class: Exploring the Benefits and Challenges of Extra-curricular Film Practice

Filmmaking in and out of class poster

Naseem Loloie & Will Moran-MacDonald

This research project investigates the relationship between Queen’s film students and the resources and opportunities available to them outside of their class curriculum.

Digital Dossier: https://nloloie.wixsite.com/stsc339