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FILM 460, the Major Project course, is a year long course that allows students to create an honours thesis project within a critical framework. In this course, each student designs, researches and produces their own project (academic, creative, or a combination of both). Students work independently, but within a mutually supportive environment where students and faculty members provide feedback, advise, and technical and conceptual support. The projects in the 2020-21 academic year were produced under the difficult conditions of the pandemic, and we are especially proud of the resourcefulness, resilience and adaptability our students have shown.

Here is a sample of the work produced in FILM 460:

Daydream image


By Anqi Gong

Apple Tree Image

Apple Tree 苹果树

By Amy Cai

The Search image

The Search for Kung Fu Knight

By Nicholas Santamaura

An Introductory Letter

My Thesis Script (the main component of the project)

A smaller script for a "film-within-a-film" 

Storyboard sheets 



Deep Breath image

Deep Breath

By Kaiwen Wang

Slumber image

Slumber 异梦

By Scarlette Gao

Painkiller visual image

Painkiller - Visuals 

By Sloan Westlake

Focused image


By Andrew Laver

Alone image


By Matthew Wark

Symphony image


By Haoya Zhang

Threshold image


By Ziyu Sun

Dare to dream image

Dare to Dream

By Naomi Frooman