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Plan Selection 2021 - May 17th - 28th

These videos were created last year for Plan Selection 2020, however most of the content is still applicable. 



Plan Selection runs this year from May 17th to 28th, 2021.

Our Plan Thresholds have changed slightly for 2021, as now we have auto-acceptance thresholds for MAPP, COFI, and most Medial options! Our FILM and MAPP thresholds can be found here. The COFI (COCA with FILM) thresholds can be found here. All Arts & Science departmental plan thresholds can be found by visiting the Arts & Science Plan Selection site (look under "What it takes to be accepted to a Plan").



We hope you're considering FILM & MEDIA


Video Series Overview

Provides an overview of the topics to be explored in this video series.


Our Plans Explained

The 2021 version of our Plans will be available soon; this video shows the 2020 plans (which are very similar to the upcoming 2021 plans). IMPORTANT Correction for 2021: FILM 460: Major Project is no longer a required course for FILM Majors, but it is still restricted to Majors only (not available to Medial, Minor, MAPP, or COFI students without permission of the Undergraduate Chair).


The Plan Selection Process Explained

Keep in mind the dates and thresholds are slightly different this year than what is mentioned in this video, but the process is the same.


Our Facilities

We hope to be back to in-person classes for Fall 2021. Check out this video to see our wonderful resources at the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts, where our Department is located.